Christian Rich – SS14

Here’s something new for you!
This is the brand new EP from Christian Rich…Christian Rich? I hear you say. Well if you are a fan of Earls Sweatshirt then this Nigerian born Chicago duo worked alongside Earl to create huge tracks on his album Doris. Considering CR was found and pushed into the spotlight by Pharrell the likelihood is that they will be extremely good.
SS14 is the new offering and my god its good. Its hard to put your finger on the actual genre but its somewhere lurking between R&B, Trap, Chillstep and Hip-Hop…if you can imagine such a thing.
All the tracks add something new and a bit different, my personal favourite being ‘Real Love’. I’m not usually a fan of R&B but when its good R&B and its more artistic rather than being created just to be a No.1 hit and have crap clubs singing along too, then I’m a fan.
Have a listen and see what you think. Its new, its interesting and its impressive.
Keep and eye on these guys

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