Raury – Indigo Child, Doing Things Suprisingly Different

Raury, an 18 year old from Atlanta, is on an upward trajectory heading for the stars. A unique artist whose well rounded debut, Indigo Child, gives me some serious optimism for the future of music. In an age where so few artists are actually really trying to do something different and original, Raury succeeds where so many others have failed. 

Indigo Child was released around a week ago to differing receptions, but in my opinion (the only one you need) he has a put in a spectacular effort for someone so young. I have been listening to the album a lot over the past week, I feel that it needs a few listens to really grasp what he is trying to achieve here. The album is a weird blend of pop, folk, gospel, indie and hip hop, a strange mix indeed and not really an area that many others have really tried to explored. It really reminds of Kid Cudi, maybe not musically but in terms of something different and a willingness to experiment, which is a huge plus point in my books.

The album feels very real and personal with certain interludes being real recordings of arguments with his mother, he captures the teenage angst and struggle in his own unconventional way. His music is much same, unconventional, from the epic gospel feel in “God’s Whisper” (my favourite track on the album) to the guitar fuelled “Chariots of Fire” it really is refreshingly different.

This brings me to one of my favourite things about the album and more accurately how to download it! As you may have guessed by now Raury isn’t one for taking the traditional path and this doesn’t change at all when it comes to actually getting your grubby little mitts on it! In order to download the album you need to score at least 1500 points on his homemade game on his website (don’t worry people a link will be included later!) a jokes running/skateboarding man game, that I found ashamedly challenging.

It’s a great album that I really enjoyed and with rumours of an upcoming collaboration between Raury and Kanye West (the GAWD, I’m a serious stan) the future is extremely intriguing so keep checking in with us to see whats happening!!!


The link for the awesome game and download of the album

“God’s Whisper” my personal highlight of the album

Will S x 



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