Bastille – Bad News

Hi Guys,

On the 16th August Bastille dropped a new track from their up and coming album ‘Oblivion’…and its a beauty! Considering the monumental success of the bands first album ‘Bad Blood’ its was never going to be easy to beat! But this track after a couple of listens is really growing on me.

It has a much more mellow and chilled vibe to their other tracks and as always perfect vocals from Bastille’s front runner Dan Smith. For some reason I keep on getting chillstep vibes from this track but then i’m jolted back to reality hearing hints of ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Pomepii’

This track is very catchy and an easy listen which we have come accustomed to when listening to Bastille. But their flagship track ‘Oblivion’ although much deeper and reminiscent  of ‘Bad Blood’….I feel this will be more successful in the long run than Bad News. 

Saying all of this although this is a far cry from the bands usual work, its a welcome change and good to see Bastille experimenting with new sounds.

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