The Black Keys – Weight Of Love

Carney and Auerbach
Carney and Auerbach

We recently reviewed rock’s newest heroic double act Royal Blood here on The Music Brewery but the quintessential heavy duo The Black Keys are still making awesome tunes!

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney are back with their EIGTH studio album Turn Blue and it’s just as good as some of my favourites from over the years – The Big Come Up (2002), Thickfreakness (2003), Rubber Factory (2004) and El Camino (2011). Not as prolific as they were in the early years the Ohio pair have taken lots of time after the success of El Camino and it shows as they have created an album that is as good if not better than the no.2 US album!

My favourite track from the album is the opening track Weight Of Love as it got me instantly hooked on the vibe that permeates throughout the whole record. Psychedelic, trippy and slow but not boring Weight Of Love is a near 7 minute long blues rock wonder. Coming in slow with distressed, almost country acoustic guitar it put me in mind of Neil Young. Long bending, trippy riffs and tingling chimes ease you into slick bass as Auerbach’s instantly recognisable voice and mesmerising axe wielding skills kick in.

“You’ll be on my mind, don’t give yourself away, to the weight of love”. Lyrics are minimal but that is part of the track’s beauty as the instrumentals speak for themselves – majestic. From the album I would also recommend In Time, Turn Blue, Fever and Gotta Get Away but really it’s all pure rock goodness and you’d be a fool not to check it out. A truly magnificent album from a band who refuse to stagnate.

I apologise for not being able to find a good version of Weight Of Love on YouTube but do check out The Black Keys’ lead single Fever from their new album. You can also listen to the full album on Spotify and if you really like it buy it and support the music industry we all love!


CW x

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