Delightfully Deep House

This summer has already seen some fantastic new music and new artists emerge from the woodwork and hit the ground running, and it’s looking like there may be yet another addition. ‘Charming Horses’ are an interesting new talent who are looking to synergise classic deep house sounds with something closer to pop music, and there debut track certainly shows that.

After teaming up with fellow German electric folk band ‘Jona Bird’ they’ve released their eclectic-feeling track, ‘Follow’. This song brings together some deep house staples, such as deep bass lines and warm synth sounds, with a more soulful, indie feel which produces a really enjoyable summer tune, but one that I feel will last well into the winter.

This track has already garnered interest from some big names in the genre, with ‘MrDeepSense’ featuring the track on YouTube and FlicFlac pumping out a remix which really accentuates and deepens the existing melody, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it snowballs into a Top 40 hit.

Looking forward to seeing how these guys develop their sound going forwards, but they’ve certainly started with their right feet forward.


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