Daniel Wilson – “Killed Ya”

Soul singers and music are very “in” right now, with acts such as Sam Smith showing us precisely why that is, and Daniel Wilson is no different! A brilliant soul singer the 23 year-old hailing from Detroit is undoubtedly a star in the making.

Despite releasing his stellar Young Rubbish EP earlier in the year he has not quite taken off in the way I would’ve expected. Wilson’s singing reminds of Sam Smith, with his clean and impressive vocals evoking strong emotions whenever you hear it and his ability to hit high notes with relative ease a joy to listen to. There is a strong emotion feel behind his singing style and lyrics, that only make you appreciate him more.

A personal highlight of mine from his Young Rubbish EP “Will You”

Previously I thought slower ballads and love songs were his most powerful ally when listening to his music, however this all changed when recently he dropped his new track “Killed Ya”. A track that has some banging drums and synth driven production that reminds of the latest album from The Black Keys, it is a great combination and something that definitely surprised me when I first listened to it! His signature and unmistakable vocals really steal the show though combining perfectly with synths that has left me with the track on repeat through my speakers, I simply cannot get enough of it!

With all this being said I implore you to give “Killed Ya” and his Young Rubbish EP a serious listen. I would 100% be willing to wager that in one year he will be the emerging star all of the charts around the world!

Will S x

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