The Return of LL Cool J, A Return To Form With “I’m Nice feat. Raekwon, Murda Mook and Ron Brownz” ?

A couple of days ago, the once hip hop giant, released a brand new track with the help of a few great features, most notably coming from Raekwon from Wu Tang Clan. Over the past decade or so LL Cool J has become far more well known for his acting than his rapping, which is kind of unfortunate as he really was one of the greats back in the day, I mean who doesn’t remember “Mama Said Knock You Out”.

So onto “I’m Nice”, and in my opinion it is a return to form for LL, especially after recent releases such as his collaboration with country artist Brad Paisley “Accidental Racism” which was to be perfectly honest a dire racist track. But that track is a discussion for another time!

“I’m Nice” has a hard-hitting bass filled beat that has a menacing feel to it, perfect for a comeback record. Raekwon starts us off in classic fashion, cooking up a storm that gives the track a strong start, but when does The Chef ever disappoint? The hard-hitting drums continues on and eventually LL Cool J comes in, and he comes in hard. Stomping through the track announcing his proper return to the game, he bodies the beat and will have a few people looking over their shoulder to see where he goes with this.

So with all this being said check out the track and remember to like, share and tweet us!

Will S

And just for you guys!


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