Review: Lux Lisbon – Get Some Scars EP

a2092936395_2‘Get Some Scars’ is the 2013 début EP from the ‘cinematic’ (as they like to describe themselves) indie 5-piece Lux Lisbon. The EP and in particular the lead single ‘Bullingdon Club’ was much heralded by a personal hero of mine – Billy Bragg. The folk legend said it was deserving of a wider audience and frankly when the band contacted me over Twitter about their free EP I was happy to give it a listen for this reason.

I wasn’t left disappointed. ‘Get Some Scars’ is a diamond in the rough of unsigned EPs, too many times have I been left with a bad taste in my mouth after listening to ‘much anticipated’ releases from ‘the next big thing’, Lux Lisbon have substance and style and are ready for a big break.

Immediately ‘Bullingdon Club’ jumps out at me with it’s powerful New Jersey sound gained from the great influence Bruce Springsteen has had on their music. The more I listened to the track I began to see them as the UK’s answer to The Gaslight Anthem, Stuart Rook’s rasping vocals seem to tell a heartbreaking story no matter the lyrics just like Brian Fallon has perfected. This continues into the title track ‘Get Some Scars’ with beautiful female harmonies from Charlotte Austen, the song harks back to ’80s power pop anthems and is akin to the more modern Brandon Flowers and The Killers.

‘Demons You Show’ which features on the EP twice with a fantastic live BBC session track. Lead by a deep bassline and static, distorted guitar: it already sounds like a atmospheric classic.

The pace slows down as Austen takes centre stage on the dramatic ‘Devil Got Me Dancing’ . Austen’s brooding, stirring vocals remind me of PJ Harvey in her prime, and intertwine perfectly with the elongated twanging riffs.

‘Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size of Your Fist’ is pure synth gold and reminds me of a more aggressive and purposeful Chvrches, Rook’s vocals are again strong and perfectly top off a truly barnstorming EP I’m thoroughly glad I downloaded, and I suggest you do the same, Lux Lisbon are ready to break out!

Find out more and get connected with Lux Lisbon on;



and their Official Site

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