The Marlow Brothers – Rose, Jam Van and Paper Cab

This unsigned two piece consisting of Freddie and Seb Marlow have some major sounds in their locker. Their Lo-Fi recordings have immense character and soul. Gritty, gravelly, rasping vocals are their signature and they posses the ability to jam acoustically but also can turn up the volume by plugging in and rocking out. I’ve had a listen to their back catalogue of tunes and three in particular stood out to me.

1. Rose – an emotional love song full of hurt and beautifully soothing acoustic guitar and piano. The two brothers’ strong vocals go against convention and compliment each other perfectly.

2. Jam Van – The Marlow Brothers plug in and ramp it up a couple of gears for this track which reminded me of ’90s indie rockers Del Amitri amongst others from the same era. Full of twangy, bending guitar and catchy lyrics – a definite dancefloor filler!

3. Paper Cab – a simple, short and sweet acoustic pop song which perfectly captures what The Marlow Brothers are all about – great lyrics, strong vocals and catchy tunes!

Please give them boys and listen and a like on Facebook! It’s great to support new music!


CW x

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