Chance The Rapper – Favourite Song feat. Childish Gambino

Acid Rap
Acid Rap

“This shit my favourite song” well at the moment Favourite Song by Chance The Rapper feat. Childish Gambino quite literally is.

Although his second mixtape ‘Acid Rap’ has been out for about a year now and has been widely praised and much heralded by the rap/hip-hop community it has largely gone unnoticed in the mainstream, whereas someone like the marvellously named Childish Gambino who features in the song has recently blasted into mainstream consciousness both sides of the pond.  This is mainly because Chance The Rapper has not released his mixtapes via conventional avenues like hard-copy release and via Internet download and streaming services like iTunes, Amazon Player and Spotify. Chance prefers the more ‘free’ outlets for his music with the tracks being available to stream on SoundCloud, YouTube and to download via this link (do it trust me). Chance makes most of his money from extensive touring and merch sales as he’s unbelievably still unsigned. He does, however, have motives for this decision.

In an interview with NME’s Kevin EG Perry earlier this year Chance said he doesn’t feel restricted by not having a record deal, it’s actually quite the opposite feeling of  liberation.

“Do you think any label would have let me go on a headlining tour across the nation, playing 2000-capacity rooms, without dropping an album or even releasing the name of an album?…I’ve been anti-label for so long, but I could sign in 2014! Or I might not sign in 2014! I might quit and go to college! Who fucking knows?”

Refreshing, interesting and real. Just like his music.

‘Favourite Song’ combines everything that is good about Acid Rap and drops it all in one 3:05. Soulful, funky and full of acid-jazz beats Chance lays down catchy hooks and squawks throughout as he proclaims ‘It’s my jam’. Trippy and bending the guitar rhythms throughout perfectly compliment the spits of Chance and the fantastic Childish Gambino who comes in and kills it with his 45 second contribution. I don’t profess to know a lot about rap/hip-hop music but I instantly loved this song and mixtape, which can only mean one thing. It’s cool AND accessible!


CW x


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