Felix Jaehn’s Done It Again…

Well it would appear that the German-born 20 year old Felix Jaehn isn’t content to merely pump out one house bombshell this year, based on his recently released remix of ‘Ain’t Nobody’.

If you’re a fan of house music, or indeed if you have simply breezed through youtube this Summer, you’re likely to have heard Jaehn’s first major tropical house hit; ‘Shine’. His blend of ‘sunny’ and ‘techno’ house has been popularised recently by other artists, such as the well-respected Kygo. However, Jaehn brings something completely unique to the table in his recognition and isolation of fresh new songs to rework.

And, as aforementioned, he doesn’t seem to be content to rest on his laurels (good news for us house fans)! He has reworked British Jasmine Thompson’s already reworked version of Chaka Khan’s classic ‘Ain’t Nobody’, and in doing so created a truly chilled out, summer deep house vibe. Jasmine brings a new level of clarity to the lyrics, and Jaehn’s tropical style coupled with some expertly executed piano progressions has really created a house bombshell.

If he keeps going at this rate, expect huge things from this young artist in the coming months…




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